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Hello, All.

Welcome to my new blog.

Interestingly, this is only the second blog I've had in my entire life. That may sound strange until you consider my first blog was in publication for a staggering 12 years. Like this blog, its focus was on my creative life and career. I'd neglected that blog for 3 of the past 12 years, partly due to a hectic schedule and changes in my artistic routine - I had to quit painting in oil and teach myself how to paint in acrylic, instead. No easy feat when you're speciality is realism. It took nearly a year. There was also a dissatisfaction with the blog's platform. I wanted something directly connected to my site where I could have total control of the design. So, here we are.

The original plan was to import all my posts from the old blog to this blog, until I realized I had authored hundreds of posts. That's a lot. Beyond that, in taking a stroll down memory lane, rereading many of those old posts, I see how much I have changed in 12 years. The person I am now is a bit different to the person I was in years past. The person I am now wants a fresh slate and a new approach to communicating about art and about myself. 

I have yet to delete my former blog. Sentimental reasons, maybe? I'm not sure. For now I've set it to "private" with the intention of going through the old posts as time permits. Several are quite entertaining, and I had it in mind to revive a few, drag them over here for dissection when appropriate. I think they can provide a useful contrast in future contemplations about the nature of art and the artist who creates it. We shall see.